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SRRS Financial Service (SRRS) is a New Zealand-owned financial service company, which is established in 2004, provides comprehensive financial service for its clients including investment, accounting and insurance service.

Our clients receive investment, accounting and insurance advice by specialists over the full spectrum of products and services. SRRS has been separated into two: SRRS Accounting Services and SRRS Portfolio Management. That only accounting services are provided by SRRS Financial Service. The primary objective of SRRS is "best interests for our clients". With this focus we seek to deliver our clients both sustainable and attractive long benefits.

SRRS's core expertise advices on financial including accounting, investment and insurance. We welcome your visit and hope you will learn more about our financial service philosophy. We also looking forward to your suggestions on how we may improve our website and provide you with better service.

A disclosure statement is available on request for free of charge

Accounting Services (SRRS Accounting)

SRRS Financial Service Ltd (SRRS) has developed a supportive accounting service for the self-employed, partnerships, small limited companies and individuals.

SRRS Financial Service challenges the traditional method of providing accounting services. It considers “year-end only” accounting model as inappropriate in today’s business environment.

The SRRS monthly service is designed to give clients on-going support, and to keep them informed (progressively) of their business profitability. It allows SRRS to monitor the business on a regular basis, and to give advice at a time that it is pertinent.

For a fee which is very competitive with the traditional "year-end only" provider, SRRS maintains an in-house computerised cashbook; prepares for the client, monthly profit summaries; calculates GST returns; produces a year-end Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Depreciation Schedule, and prepares tax return for clients.

The service appeals to small business persons, who are attracted by the regular contact with their accountant, appreciate the receipt of topical trading information and advice, and relieved at knowing the GST returns are prepared as part of the service.

SRRS has also developed as a specialist in rental property accounting. Few accounting companies are promoting this aspect, and the identification of this market niche is proving very successful.

At the instigation of several clients, SRRS established a payroll service for small businesses.

Bookkeeping (SRRS Accounting)

Our Full Charge Bookkeeping Service provides the best value for your company. SRRS assigns a team of professionals to each account, giving your company access to knowledge, advice, and quality control at the Chartered Accountant level. Outsourcing this back office function allows you to focus on your core competency while receiving professional bookkeeping services at an affordable price.

Full charge bookkeeping includes the following services:

Tax planning / Payroll

  • Monthly PAYE
  • Credit of salaries & wages

Financial Reporting

  • Monthly financial statements customised for your business
  • Job costing

Accounts Payable

  • Cash management
  • Processing payables


  • Including monitoring item list
  • Reconciling to physical counts

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoicing
  • Light collections

Financial Reporting Services (SRRS Accounting)

Financial reporting provides the window into the health of your company and is the visible effect of your accounting system. Small businesses usually need three basic financial statements to determine that things are running smoothly:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows

Other factors make financial reporting important, for example, if you have outstanding bank loans, you may be required to produce reports for review. Investors usually ask to see the firm's financial statements as well. Additionally, future financing or even sale of the company requires a look at its financial history.

SRRS’ experience brings important financial information to light by producing reports that address specific concerns. For many small businesses, these focus around accounts receivable, projected cash flows, and analysis of gross margin by product. Additionally, comparative reports stating actual versus planned are key in streamlining your budget.

Through financial reporting, our staff will create, interpret and work with you to maintain the health of your company and prepare your business for successful relationships with banks, investors or potential clients.

Reconciliations Services (SRRS Accounting)

SRRS’account reconciliations service is designed to simplify your company's account reconciliation process. Our service saves your time, improves accuracy and enhances internal controls. Complete information like this is all you'll need to effectively manage and monitor your account.

The reconciliations process with SRRS has clear benefits:

  • Saves administrative costs associated with reconciliations and reporting
  • Provides confidentiality and improves internal control
  • Improves accuracy
  • Provides a clear audit trail
  • Deposit reconciliations tracks deposits made from multiple locations

Tax Services (SRRS Accounting)

Tax planning and filing are some of the full-charge services that SRRS offers. Our expertise can help you get on top of your taxes during the year by implementing the new tax saving opportunities and changes for the new year. In addition to good planning, accurate tax returns could be the difference between big tax savings and the dreaded audit.

SRRS offers the following tax preparation services:

  • Personal IR3
  • Companies IR4
  • Trust IR6
  • Partnerships IR7
  • Fringe benefit tax returns
  • Goods & Services tax returns

If you are late in filing your taxes, we can help! Our specialists know the ins and outs of tax preparation and can quickly help you channelled through the penalty and interest loop.

Late Filing Tax (SRRS Accounting)

One of the biggest down falls of a business is to ignore the requirements of tax filings. Unfortunately these requirements only get worse when you ignore them. Taxes are one of the few things that will follow you through death.

SRRS analyzes your current situation and assess what taxes need to be complete. We have the knowledge and experience to prepare these returns. We will also follow up with the various government agencies to work through any penalties and/or interest that may have been assessed. In some cases, we may be able to get penalties waived.

Once you are current, SRRS will continue to file and monitor your tax filings.

Investment Services (SRRS Portfolio)

This is for do-it-yourself (DIY) investors who wish to transact independently of any advice. They feel confident researching, selecting and administering investment products themselves and would like to use SRRS on a transaction only basis.

Investors comfortable with managing most aspects of their investment portfolio themselves including administration but who nevertheless require information and advice on investment products should use this service. It includes research and opinions about investment specific risk and return. These clients can receive an annual portfolio statement and market information upon request.

Investors requiring a comprehensive investment portfolio designed specifically to meet their overall return and risk preferences should use this service. This includes asset allocation based on researched and accepted portfolio design principles and investment selection based on thorough research and evaluation by SRRS and external researchers.

Once the plan is established, clients are responsible for all of the administration aspects of their portfolio including dividend / distribution notices, corporate activity, product changes and other paperwork and reconciling income for tax purposes.

SRRS plus - Private Client Service (SRRS Portfolio)

This is the premium service from SRRS and includes comprehensive portfolio design with administration, reporting and monitoring. While all other aspects of the portfolio are managed, clients retain full control and authority over changes and transactions but in consultation with an adviser dedicated to their business.

Initial portfolio design process is the same as for the preceding service but all portfolio investments are held by an independent custodian. Initial and ongoing service includes asset allocation based on researched and accepted portfolio design principles and investment selection based on thorough research and evaluation by SRRS and external researchers. Access to wholesale managed investments when appropriate is another feature.

Using the SRRS plus investment management platform, clients receive reports on demand and complete administration including consolidated income and tax credit compliant reports. Reviews are conducted at least annually and may be more frequent depending on the nature of the portfolio. This is possible because all investment activity is channelledthrough an independent and professional custodian. Income can be distributed from the portfolio at the level and frequency desired by the client.

Insurance Services

SRRS is an insurance broker that provides advice and services on insurance policies from all suppliers. Save money by bundling all insurance requirements through one broker. Less hassle, a mutual perspective and someone you can call straight away when a claim needs to be made. Deal with SRRS directly for an honest opinion on which products best suit your needs.

Health Insurance
Would you be willing to wait in the public health system for treatment if you had an illness? No one ever expects a major health issue to affect them. But when it does, it’s good to know that you have options.

Income Protection
Income Protection insurance looks after your lifestyle by protecting your ability to earn. It’s particularly important if you’re a family income earner and/or have financial liabilities, such as a mortgage or personal loan.

Life Insurance
If people depend on you for income or care, you need life insurance. Choosing the right amount and buying from the right company can save you a lot of money.

Trauma Insurance
Trauma cover gives you financial freedom to make your own choices, at a time when your health has been seriously affected, and you may have to rethink your future.

Business Insurance Cover

  • To protect shareholders and their families
  • To prevent a major interruption to your business
  • To protect your debts

Mortgage Services

SRRS Financial Service has agreement with Highland Financial Service Limited, known as HLFS, which provides the most tailored mortgage and risk advice and solutions. They can provide advice for home loan, business loan, property development loan, construction loan and commercial loan. They have assisted amounts of clients to obtain loan successfully to purchase residential houses and commercial properties, to construct sections, and to fund projects, such as hotels and winery.

They are the mortgage service partner of several projects, Rose Garden Apartments, Section & House Projects in Kyle Road, Greenhite, Gills Road, Albany Heights, Fairview Avenue, Fairview and Terrace house in McClymonts Road, Pinehill. More details , please visit

Our Team

Dr. Roger Su

Roger is General Manager of SRRS Financial Service, who is the founder of the company. Roger is also a lecture of accounting and finance in Auckland University of Technology. He has over 17 years working experiences at finance and accounting. He was the general manager of Asian Business Division of Asia-pacific in Dorchester Pacific Group (2002-2006), and the only Chinese financial advisor of ANZ National Banking Group (2006-2010).

Roger holds a few finance and accounting qualifications:

  • PHD - Doctor of Philosophy
  • CPA – Certified Practising Accountant
  • CA - Chartered Accountant
  • CFP – Certified Financial Planner
  • CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter
  • AFA – Authorized Financial Advisor

Keith Hooper

Dr. Keith is one of consultants of SRRS Financial Service. He is an accounting professor in Unitec New Zealand. He used to work for Auckland University of Technology, the University of Waikato, Massey University and French ESSCA.

His research covers international accounting, finance, asset valuation; he has more than 100 publications on high ranked journals. Professor Hooper is the Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Practising Accountant (CPA).

Michael Zhang

Michael is an accountant of SRRS Financial Service. He graduated from Auckland university of Technology major in accounting.

Michael is a provisional member of New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountant (NZICA). Michael had great accountant experience in manufactory and retail area. He is expert in MYOB, Xero and CCH accounting software. His duty including preparing taxation returns for individuals and organizations; preparing financial statements for company, providing financial and taxation advice on business structures, plans and operations,etc.

Lucy Zhang

Lucy Zhang came to New Zealand at February of 2014 after completing my bachelor degree as accounting major in China. She continued to study accounting in Auckland University of Technology and after more than one and half years’ studying, Lucy graduated from the university at the end of 2015 and completed my Master of Professional Accounting program.

Lucy has the patience to pay attention on the details and believes accountants could have good prospects in the future. Lucy loves accounting job, therefore choose accounting as my major whether in China or New Zealand’s university. The beautiful scenery and the peaceful lifestyle in New Zealand really attracts her. During the weekend, she likes travelling with my family and friends, enjoying her life in New Zealand.

Debbie Feng

Debbie Feng is graduated from the University of Auckland majoring in accounting and finance. She is currently working at SRRS Financial Service as an accountant.

Debbie is a Provisional Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ( CAANZ).She provides high quality of customer service and is good at teamwork. Her main responsibilities includes collecting, analyzing and summarizing client’s financial information, preparing client’s annual financial statements, GST tax returns, PAYE and Income Tax. She also communicates with clients and provides financial and tax advice.

Stephanie Zhao

Stephanie is an Assistant Financial Advisor of SRRS Financial Service. She graduated from Auckland University of Technology major in applied finance.

Stephanie is responsible for providing an outstanding customer service with a positive and friendly attitude. Ability to support director(AFA) in investing service and assist in preparing various financial or administrative reports.

Believe her major and advice can provide you with professional financial service.

Fiona Zhang

Fiona Zhang has a background in accounting, finance and customer service following the completion of a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the University of Auckland in 2015. As a professional accounting practitioner, Fiona has a 2-year commercial experience worked in medium-size manufacture and franchise hospitality. She has a good understanding of day-to-day financial management and a big picture of how to apply accounting methodology to the construction business processes. These roles involved her capability of solving problem with critical eye on the details, approaching issue with different perspectives and easily put shoes in customers’ points with great compassion.

In SRRS, She provides a full complement of accounting and taxation services, including annual financial report, cash flow analysis, income tax, GST, budget, forecast and payroll services. She well versed with XERO and MYOB, smart payroll etc accounting software. She will throw her sleeves to help any clients to update with filling requirement, taxation audits, tax payment, tax problems and also give any tax planing and advice tailed to customers particular situation.

Alta Han

Alta Han graduated from Auckland University of Technology, major in Accounting and Economics. She is the accountant of SRRS Financial Services.

The services Alta can provide include preparing financial reports, GST returns, income tax, cash flow management, operating advices, etc. Alta can provide clients comprehensive accounting and taxation services according to her Economics and Accounting major. The Accounting major provides her the ability in working as an accountant and the Economics major gives her idea in data-analyzing. Hope you enjoy the services she provides with her positive attitude and good working ability.

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